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#4 - Getting into the Software Development Life, without a CS Degree

Development Experience Rant Flex

After respawning my practice of blogging, a couple of friends have suggested me to write about my journey of switching from Mechanical Engineering to working as a Software Engineer. A lot of things in the 5 years of my life at IIT Kharagpur shaped me up for this switch - and that's what I've tried to summarise in this blog post.

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#3 - Long time, no see!

Experience Rant Flex

Almost 1.5 years after writing my last blog post, the Vibe persona is back - thanks to social-distancing and the WFH scenario. I'll just summarize what's been up with me over this timespan that we just skipped ahead on this blog.

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#2 - The Internship Hunt for Summers 2018

IIT Kharagpur Software Development Experience Rant

Starting the clinical procedure of looking for Internship as a student of one of the highly reputed Institutes in the country, I thought that it would be a cake walk. And you guessed it right - I was SO naive and wrong. Read through a story of multiple rejections, followed by an all-is-well-that-ends-well ending. Also, I really hope that this blog post can instill people going through a similar phase with motivation.

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#1 - The Covariance Confusion

TEAM AUV IIT Kharagpur Software Development Rant Python

Despite our very best efforts to remain aware and concentrated, we do come across times when we're confused with a very small issue and then later feel silly about the same. Here's a geek rant about a silly confusion that I experienced, a few months back.

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