Kharagpur Winter of Code 2016

Posted on 30/12/2016 at 10:00 PM by The Vibe.

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December 2016 at Chennai , TamilNadu was pretty much as grim as the previous December, with tragic death of Cheif Minister Jayalalithaa, followed by Cyclone Vardah, that devastated more than 30,000 trees and electricity. Amidst all these happening in background, Kharagpur Winter of Code 2016, was probably the only optimistic thing happening around. Kharagpur Winter of Code is a one-month long open-source contribution fest organised by Kharagpur Open Source Society. As a mentor of 7 projects, it felt great to guide newbies in contributing to the projects. I have penned down below - my experiences and proceedings in different projects that happened during KWoC 2016.

Project #1 - TV Series

TV series project

TV Series ( GitHub | Website ) is an aggregator of Episode Synopsis' and ratings of different TV Series' spread across multiple Wiki sources and IMDb rating. This involves Web Scraping, and writing the scraped data into HTML files - to showcase the episodes with a neat user interface.

  • Dhruv Apte added Sherlock & Firefly series' with 2 Pull requests.

  • Anirudh Murali added Person of Interest, Gotham and White Collar series' with 3 Pull Requests.

  • Abhay Gurrala added Travis Continous Integration support with 1 Pull Request.

Project #2 - Naarad

Project Naarad

Naarad ( GitHub | Website ) is a news aggregator localized to the students of IIT Kharagpur. That is, Naarad scrapes IIT Kharagpur related posts from various IIT Kharagpur groups on facebook, to show them all at one place.

  • Zishan Sami fixed 2 issues with 2 Pull requests.
  • Harshit added Travis Continous Integration with 1 Pull Request.
  • Sayan Sinha fixed an issue with 1 Pull Request.

Project #3 - Faculty Scraper

The project name is quite self-explanatory. This project aims to keep building a database of faculties from various Institutes across the world. Have a look here at the resources aggregated so far.

  • Dhruv Apte added support for Princeton faculty, Yale's CS faculty and UCSB faculty with 3 Pull Requests.
  • Sayan Ghosh added support for CS faculty of UIUC with 1 Pull Request.

Project #4 - Ruby Notificator

Ruby Notificator project

Ruby Notificator is a project that aims to keep collecting and aggregating the user's social media data (from Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) via APIs, and mail the user regularly (say, everyday) about new notifications from various platforms. This project is pretty much in the early stage.

  • Sayan Sinha added support for mailing the notifications of GitHub, with 3 Pull Requests.

Project #5 - GYFT

Get Your Freaking Timetabe

GYFT is a gift to the students of IIT Kharagpur, who would like to keep their Timetable from their ERP account synced with their Google Calender. However, contributions are yet to be reviewed and hence, no Pull Request has been merged so far.


A huge token of thanks to Kharagpur Open Source Society for providing this kind of an opportunity to mentor in open source projects. For the experiences from the other side of the grass, have a look at the blog posts written by student members who worked in my projects.

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