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#26 - Getting into the Software Development Life, without a CS Degree

Development Experience Rant Flex

After respawning my practice of blogging, a couple of friends have suggested me to write about my journey of switching from Mechanical Engineering to working as a Software Engineer. A lot of things in the 5 years of my life at IIT Kharagpur shaped me up for this switch - and that's what I've tried to summarise in this blog post.

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#25 - Long time, no see!

Experience Rant Flex

Almost 1.5 years after writing my last blog post, the Vibe persona is back - thanks to social-distancing and the WFH scenario. I'll just summarize what's been up with me over this timespan that we just skipped ahead on this blog.

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#24 - My Internship Experience at Intuit India


Having interned at Intuit for 10 weeks, I've got a LOT of things to share about my Internship experience. And NO, this is not going to be a technical blog post that documents my internship "work". Rather, it's about almost everything except that.

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#23 - The Internship Hunt for Summers 2018

IIT Kharagpur Software Development Experience Rant

Starting the clinical procedure of looking for Internship as a student of one of the highly reputed Institutes in the country, I thought that it would be a cake walk. And you guessed it right - I was SO naive and wrong. Read through a story of multiple rejections, followed by an all-is-well-that-ends-well ending. Also, I really hope that this blog post can instill people going through a similar phase with motivation.

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#22 - GSoC 2017 - Final Work Submission

Software Development Documentation Ruby GSoC 2017

Through this blog post, I'd like to comprehensively document all of my work done through the entire Google Summer of Code 2017.

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